2016 Bounder Related Events

This is a partial list of Bounder related events. It is intended to improve communication between the various Bounder oriented organizations and Bounder owners. Please use it to assist in setting up your travel plans for 2016.

All of these organizations welcome Bounder owners who are not members to their events. Sometimes there is a small additional fee for non-members.

I hope you find this list useful and I hope to see you at these events.

[Webmaster's Note:  Most of the rallies for 2016 are history but there is still one more Bounder rally remaining.  Take advantage of the low fuel prices and head to Southern California in October.]

Bounders United
Bounders United annual international rally October 18 to 22 in Hemet, CA at the Golden Village Palms RV Resort. This rally is open to all owners of Bounder RVs. The registration form is currently available on their website www.bounder.net.

Please add these to your calendar and plan on attending.  We will be providing more information on Bounder-Roo events as it becomes available.

 Bob Weithofer, Bounder Roos President



About Family Motor Coach Association

     The Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) is an international organization for families who own and enjoy the use of motorhomes. The association currently has nearly 75,000 active member families. FMCA offers its members a number of benefits, including a subscription to its monthly magazine, Family Motor Coaching, a medical emergency and travel assistance program valued at $105 per family; group rates on a roadside assistance program and on motorhome and auto insurance; discounted rates for RV tours and caravans; and a tire purchasing program. Perhaps the most important benefit of FMCA membership is the camaraderie and friendships that develop among people enjoying the common interest of motorhome travel and recreation.
     The association welcomes all motorhome owners as members.  If you own a Bounder and are interested in joining FMCA contact info@bounder-roos.org for information about a discount on your first year dues.